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Anyone, preferably two, will do, plus a CB and a Winger !

Anyone, preferably two, will do

Anyone, preferably two, will do

Anyone, preferably two will do, says the headline but to be honest the next four days of the summer transfer window will define Everton’s season, not the business done before.  Frankly I can’t see how it’s just two new arrivals we need when clearly we are at least four or five players short of a squad capable of coping with the demands of competing in four competitions.

There was some real rubbish spouted on social media after our pathetic capitulation to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The Positivity Police were out in force again, defying reality and refusing to face an uncomfortable truth. Namely, that despite some clearly decent arrivals, we’ve let the best striker in the country or close to,it, depart for Utd with, it seems, not a clue how to replace his stunning 25 goals a season. It’s been two months since Rom left and now we seem to be in panic mode trying to replace him, mainly because Plan A, find the goals from midfield, already looks doomed.

According to some we lost at Chelsea because we were tired, which reflects a tough week but is just such a scary thought given we face many similar weeks between now and Christmas.  Yes Chelsea are quite good. Yes we’ve had a hard week. But it feels like we arrived at the Bridge in exactly that frame of mind, and Koemans setup meant we invited waves of pressure which surprisingly only produced two goals.

This was a desperately poor performance from an Everton squad which has to cope better with injuries. But there are horrible gaps in this squad and yes that’s even with a lot of money spent. There is no pace, at all. We have little width and now the manager has fallen out with Mirallas. We need a left sided centre back who can somehow also be a cracking left back. And yes we need a no9 who can at least manage 15 or so goals a season.

Me ? I think we must have a Vardy type player who can get wide right and play up top if needed, off a strong centre forward who can actually hold the ball up. We just don’t have enough until Christmas and the return of Seamus, Bolassie and either Ross himself or if he’s sold, his replacement, will make a big difference. But by then the damage may have been done.

It honestly isn’t being negative to call it as you see it. Things are not great. The hype has been magnificent but that’s what it is, hype. We’ve not really played well yet.

Rooney looks clever and hard working and has goals in him alongside a superb commitment to his favourite club. Gylfi is well over priced but a class act when he gets fit. Keane and Pickford very sound buys. Sandro ? I’m unsure about but let’s give him the time he deserves. Klassen the same. And then there’s the enigma that’s Ross B. I don’t think he wants to leave but he got fed up being slated in public by his manager and in truth his in and out form didn’t help his case. However, am I the only one thinking he might yet turn things round if he stays ?

But if he’s sold then that money, and a lot, lot, more must be re invested by 23:00 on 31st August because we honestly will not handle what’s to come without four or five quality arrivals.

Cheers, Rustyman


Swansea 1 Everton 0 : 6th May 2017, a hatrick of “woeful’s”

Ok maybe a hatrick of woefuls is a bit strong. West Ham nil nil, yep, woeful.  The Chelsea home defeat was not quite woeful until the last thirty minutes when it fully qualified as a “woeful”. Still this classic Everton defeat against relegation threatened Swansea really did deserve its “woeful” description and frankly it wasn’t a surprise.

We really didn’t turn up until the second half. Barry, Jags and the often hapless Stek combined to concede a poor goal. Holgate again looked decent in defence but just lost going forward. This meant that for the third game in a row we had little width down the right and it impacted the whole performance going forward. I thought Mirallas did ok and certainly seemed bothered, as did Tom Davies throughout. But the service to the front men was generally terrible, and on a day when Rom looked like he was mentally adjusting to throwing his shirt into the crowd and saying his goodbyes at Goodison for our sizzling last home game of the season against Watford.

What was Koeman doing playing Holgate at right back and leaving Kenny on the bench when surely the time was right to maybe play a right back, at right  back (innovative I know) and try Holgate at CB in place of Jags ?

Williams wasn’t great was he. Boy was I was wrong on this guy. I liked him a lot. He seemed a fearless leader. A ball winner. He had experienced a better than decent Euro’s. But almost from the start he’s struggled. He gets turned way too easily. He’s been beaten in the air way too often. He lacks pace. He just isn’t the CB I expected and because of that we now need to buy two central defenders at absurd cost.

What worries me is that these last three games won’t have done much to endear us to potential high quality recruits. Who amongst the best will fancy us ? It’s going to be a short hard summer methinks. But you never know Walsh may have it all sorted and there are some bargains on the way as well as at least four top quality additions. More if Rom and Barkley depart. One thing is for sure it’s not going to be easy as it now seems we are essentially having to rebuild, again, when previously we thought a couple of top imports would do the trick. Not great really. Still, roll on the pre pre qualifying round of the Europa in the third week of a July.

Cheers, Mark