Mental Health will never be about how much you earn. Get well soon Aaron Lennon

Aaron Lennon

It’s hard to say what you feel about the Daily Mail’s treatment of Aaron Lennon as it tweeted about his mental health. Hard because you want to scream, rant, swear, a lot, and just shout to the world “how can someone’s mental health concerns be in any way linked to his or her salary? What has money got to do with anything here ? Nothing of course but the Daily Mail has no time for what is right or wrong, tasteful or horribly distasteful. It is a cringeworthy publication, hated by many almost as much as the S*n and respected only by those whose politics it’s promotes. All blues can do is wish Aaron well, offer him our total support in regaining his health and coping with something that is so hard we often find it tough to talk about. But mental health needs to be on everyone’s agenda. Mental Health care desperately needs better funding and more accessible provision. Mental Health issues are very neutral, people from all walks of life get affected, rich and poor, famous or, well, just like pretty much everyone you know.

There is tho something very positive to come out of that disgusting Daily Mail tweet about Aaron. It is the amazingly universal condemnation of the Mail, by thousands of people of all backgrounds who almost instantly, and as one, recognized the abysmal attempt to score points off someone facing serious mental health concerns simply because they are in the public eye. Maybe, just maybe, the Mail’s horrible actions will have given publicity not to them but to the fact that anyone can face mental health issues, anyone can need your support to beat this still quite shadowy disease. Let’s talk about it more, try to understand how best to help and support those whose mental health is a constant, every day challenge. Most of all get better soon Aaron, every blue is behind you.