Welcome to Rustyman, a Bluenose Life !  If you are incredibly patient, or a blue, or have an interest in disability or volunteering or politics, or all of that, theres a bit of stuff about me, which spookily is to be found on the menu above craftily titled “About Me”

The Bluenose Blog is pretty much what it sounds like, me joining the ranks of Evertonians across the world in using the net to expound our “expert’ views on all things School of Science.

The Blue Badge Blog on the other hand is a wide ranging commentary on the issues that impact disabled people and the news that might interest us.

In between there are pages about past & current Volunteering with Macmillan Cancer Support UK Volunteer Forum, Chairing the NW Regional Forum and loving being part of Macmillans Volunteering Operations Group…….and a sad passion of mine……all things accessible rail travel and in particular Chairing a brilliant Pan Disability User Group in partnership with the much maligned Northern Rail………oh and a fair bit of politics, opinionated of course.

In other words, A Bluenose Life.

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  1. Lavern Saylor

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  2. Jo Oakley

    Hi there,
    I’m writing about Chesters bid for funding to find innovative new ways of overcoming barriers of access to heritage sites and i saw your article on how Chester became the most accessible city.
    I’m hoping you can help me out by telling me of any real problems you encountered or whether the city really is very accessible and whether you feel some sort of virtual experience would help bridge any gaps?

    Many thanks

  3. Gillian

    I believe you have been nominated and got through to the final of the charity north west awards for volunteer of the year? Well done that’s an amazing achievement and testimony to all the time you put into your volunteering. Your enthusiasm and passion for all that you do is truly inspiring. Good luck, I hope you win


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